Planting kindness

John Simmons | Nov 15, 2018

Nevada Aktion Club members plant flowers

Like her fellow members of the Aktion Club of Carson Valley, Megan Crandall was on the lookout for a new way to give back to the community, with a focus on senior citizens living in the club’s hometown of Gardnerville, Nevada.

Then, she hit upon an idea – something new, something useful, something long-lasting: flower pots.

“Megan has lots of great ideas,” says Terri Crandall, her mom.

An Aktion Club member waters a potted flower. Megan presented her idea to the club, and soon members were hand-painting 30 brightly-colored pots, planting live flowers in them and presenting them to residents of the Brookdale Gardnerville senior-living facility.

“The flower pots turned out really cute,” says Tony Maresca, a former club president.

Crandall, now vice president of the club, was among those who personally presented the flower pots to Brookdale’s seniors.

“Everyone was so appreciative,” she says.

Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Carson Valley, the Aktion Club's 25 members area particularly active, says Advisor Gary Dove. Among many other events over the past year, the club supported Kiwanis members at their annual turkey and ham bingo fundraisers, rang bells for the Salvation Army Project Santa Claus toy drive, created Valentine’s Day and winter holiday cards for homebound seniors, donated to the Douglas County Bookmobile campaign drive, took part in a July 4th soda and book sale and participated in the Special Olympics Torch Run. Currently, the club has joined forces with other Aktion Clubs and Kiwanis clubs worldwide to raise money for The Eliminate Project.

An Aktion Club member shows off a potted flower. But most of all, being a member of the Aktion Club is just plain fun, say its participants.

“I really enjoy making new friends, meeting new people and going out into the community,” Maresca says.

Like Crandall and Maresca, fellow member Travis King shares the excitement of being part of the Kiwanis family.

“Travis loves going to the Monday meetings,” says his mom, Beverly. “Being a member of the Aktion Club has helped Travis quite a bit. I love the experience of having him out and about doing things. He used to rely on me for many things, but more and more, he is coming into his own. He has really blossomed since becoming part of the Aktion Club, and being a member of the club has truly been a blessing.”


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