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Michelle Study-Campbell | Nov 05, 2019

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Each year on October 1, we begin a new Kiwanis International year that brings new officers, new projects and fresh excitement for greater impact in our communities and around the world. The October 1 date also brings a reset to the Youth Protection Guideline training. Our policies state the following: 

Every Kiwanis club is expected to educate its members on the Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines. Each year, a club should provide members with a copy of the guidelines with educational training — informing them of the highest standards of conduct and awareness.  

In addition, every Kiwanis district is expected to help inform and educate. During every district-produced convention and conference, the district is expected to provide an educational forum or workshop regarding the guidelines and best practices for adults who work with youth. Districts should use materials provided by Kiwanis International.  
Every member should attend a training annually—whether offered by the club or district, or via the online tool. 

Don’t worry. The youth protection team will make this task easy and informative. You can access everything you need for your club training online. Youth Protection Week 2019 materials are still available.

Youth Protection

From this site you can access the following: 

  • Youth Protection Guidelines 
  • Youth Protection Guidelines training PowerPoint 
  • List of district youth protection managers and job description 
  • Information on background checks 
  • Blog posts on youth protection topics 

    For 2018-19, we ended the year with 38 percent of all Service Leadership Programs advisors having completed the Youth Protection Guideline training. During that same period, 23 percent of clubs reported delivering training to members.  

    As with every new year, it’s time to recommit ourselves to resolutions and goals. We are asking you to help us recommit to completing Youth Protection Guideline training and help us reach our goal of 100 percent completion. Youth protection is vitally important not only for our advisors, but for every member. You are the key to Kiwanis youth protection.

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