Resources: the total picture

Jack Brockley | Jul 12, 2019

When you have all the pieces of the puzzle, you’ll have the total picture: Kiwanis offers a linked set of resources and a unified source of support.

Membership? Kiwanis International can help. 

Projects? Those too. 

Service Leadership Programs, branding and grants. Yes, yes, yes.

Kiwanis International offers a broad spectrum of helpful resources, but like a puzzle, they all come together as a unified source of club support. Consider these five puzzle pieces:

Membership & Education
Kiwanis can help clubs attract members and help make each member a leader

  • What could we achieve with five more members? What about 10?
  • What would happen if every member could tell our club’s story?
  • How could we make Kiwanis membership more appealing to people?
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    Service Leadership Programs
    Kiwanis youth clubs give leadership skills to a new generation.
  • Which school in your area could benefit from a youth service leadership club?
  • Which of your club’s projects would benefit from getting Kiwanis youth members involved?
  • What would your community look like if every school had a Kiwanis youth program?
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    Branding and Public Relations
    Community awareness is a key to more members and more service.
  • What more could the Kiwanis “brand” do for your club?
  • What more could your club do to let people know about your best project?
  • What could your club do better to improve its image?
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    Signature Projects
    With one great project, a club can make a mark in its community.
  • What would you like your club to be known for in your community?
  • What would make your club’s best project easier so it could be repeated more often?
  • How would a partner improve what you do?
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    The Kiwanis Children’s Fund
    Gifts amplify Kiwanians’ impact by helping clubs reach kids.
  • How can your gift change the world?
  • How can your club use the Children’s Fund as a resource?
  • How could a grant help kids in your community?
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    Vision Partners

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