Service across the ages

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Kiwanis-family members, representing different generations, renovate playground equipment.

Service is the core of Kiwanis. In fact, most members say they joined Kiwanis for the hands-on service. And since Kiwanis-family members come in all ages, it only makes sense that we should focus on projects that get everyone involved.  

Dillon Kalkhurst, Kiwanian and author of “Generation Everyone! A Guide to Generational Harmony at Work, School and Home,” will speak on this subject at the 2019 Kiwanis International Convention in Walt Disney World® Resort. In anticipation of his Saturday morning talk, we’ve drawn up a short list of must-haves for service projects that appeal to all ages. 

Fun. Your service purpose may be serious, but find a way for everyone to enjoy the experience. Arrange a follow-up celebration. Encourage a little competition. 

Fellowship. One of the most powerful things about Kiwanis is that our family includes elementary students to retired adults. Our service projects are perfect for excusing yourself from your usual companions and spending time with other generations.  

Relevance. Chances are you joined Kiwanis because you want to make a difference. It’s the same with our 10-year-old K-Kids members as it is with our 82-year-old Kiwanians. Find a project that will make a notable improvement in your community — something you can all be proud of.


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