Share your club’s new officers with local media

Vicki Hermansen | Oct 08, 2019

Share your club’s new officers with local media

Kiwanis clubs can share the news about newly sworn in officers with the community by using a media release. Many media outlets will run this information on local news or business news pages because members are often involved in other well-known community projects or are local business leaders.  

Don’t know where to start? It’s easy. Use the template created for new club officers at Click on news templates and then the new club officers announcement link. The template will download.  

Fill in the areas that are highlighted in yellow, ask another club member to check your work, and send to your local media. If you have questions about how media releases should look, or are curious about other information to add, read the PR Tips & Tools manual.

The online template allows you to share the name of the president, president-elect, vice president, treasurer, secretary and other members of the board. If your club has other officers, just add them; if your club does not have members in all those roles, delete that part. If you have photos of the officers, send those to the media.  

You can also ask your elected officers to share the media release with their business or employer. Many businesses have internal newsletters, and stories about community involvement are often included. Share the release with the local Chamber of Commerce if your club leaders or board members are members of the business community.  

Also, share your story about newly elected officers on your club’s social media accounts.  

A media release about new club officers also gives your club the opportunity to showcase your club’s projects and fundraisers that help kids in your community. Make sure you list your club’s projects, any youth programs your club supports and the fundraisers your club holds to pay for your projects.  

The media release template includes the opportunity to add a quote from the newly elected president. Make sure you add your club’s social media accounts and website, too. Take time to add the time, date and location of your club’s meetings. Make it easy for readers to find your club. 


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