Students create song to teach road safety

Julie Saetre | Mar 09, 2020

Barbados Road_safety_competition For the past several years, members of the Pride of Barbados Kiwanis Club had noticed that children were at risk of injury due to lack of awareness of the hazards presented by bustling island traffic.

Lectures about traffic safety, however, might easily be tuned out by young ears. So club members decided to spread the message in a more engaging way. For six weeks in October and November 2019, the club hosted a road safety competition to teach primary-school children how to use roads safely.  

The contest stressed five points of road safety:  

  • Road signs and their meanings.
  • The proper use of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.
  • How to safely cross the road.
  • How to safely travel in a vehicle.
  • Not to play on the road.

Students were invited to incorporate these safety tips into a project in the form of song, drama, art, dance and/or poetry. By the time the contest closed, entries had been received in the forms of song, poetry and rhythm poetry.

The winning entry, a song titled “Road Safety,’ was crafted by four students at St. Luke's Brighton Primary, a school that had sadly seen its students impacted by road-related injuries and fatalities. Students Jalann Dear, Arielle Rawlins, Reneisha Roberts and Letonya Rowe created and sang the winning entry. Thanks to the honor, St Luke’s received a laptop computer and printer, while the four girls each received a tablet and vouchers to a popular underwater submarine excursion.

But that’s not the end of the project. The Kiwanis club will use the “Road Safety” song as part of a campaign to increase awareness of road safety issues community-wide.


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