Ten clubs compete for top prizes in 2019 Signature Project Contest

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2019 SigPro Contest finalists

Signature projects show the impact a Kiwanis club can have on a community. From playgrounds and parks to festivals and fundraisers, signature projects are the hallmarks of what Kiwanis clubs are known for in their communities.   

Every year, Kiwanis International recognizes the best signature projects from around the world at the Kiwanis International Convention. Each district selects its top signature project for judging. In 2019, the Public Relations and Imaging Committee of the Kiwanis International Board of Trustees reviewed 34 projects. Ten finalists were selected.

Kiwanis International will recognize those districts and clubs during the Signature Project Contest Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, June 27, during the Kiwanis International convention at Walt Disney World® Resort. The gold, silver and bronze winners will be announced at the luncheon. Tickets are available for US$60 through the convention registration system.

Here are the 10 finalists, in alphabetical order:

Alabama District, Kiwanis Club of Montgomery, Alabama National Fair

Alabama DistrictSince 1954, the Alabama National Fair has provided fun for all with events, exhibits, vendors and rides. The Kiwanis Club of Montgomery organizes the fair every year and has contributed more than US$7.4 million to children in need during its 65-year run.

Australia District, Kiwanis Club of Bendigo, Children’s Book Box Libraries

Australia DistrictA community assessment showed poor literacy rates among the children In the Bendigo community. The Kiwanis Club of Bendigo is working to help children learn to read by placing book boxes in places where children visit. The kids can read, borrow, swap or keep the books. The project has been so successful that several other charitable groups have joined the effort. 

Japan District, Kiwanis Club of Tokyo, Free Restaurant for Latchkey Kids Project

Japan DistrictThe Kiwanis Club of Tokyo found many children are being deprived of a healthy upbringing void of social connections because of double-career and single-parent households. The club provides nutritious meals and a place to play for up to 400 children during the spring and summer vacations.

Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee District, Kiwanis Club of Baton Rouge, 69th Annual Pancake Festival

Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee DistrictThe Kiwanis Club of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, doesn’t just do a pancake breakfast, it’s a festival. For 45 years, children have been performing and showing their art after the club discovered the children in the community would benefit from an opportunity to publicly display their talents to a wide audience. It’s become one of the largest and oldest juried talent shows in Louisiana. Additionally, the club raises nearly US$25,000 each year from the festival for service projects.

Malaysia District, Kiwanis Club of Sentosa, Johor, Kiwanis Careheart Centre

Malaysia DistrictThe Kiwanis Careheart Centre was established in June 2000 by the Kiwanis Club of Sentosa, Johor to provide employment training for youths with special needs. The staff equips children affected by some form of learning difficulty including autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia or cerebral palsy with the skills that will help them live an independent life. The club even formed its company where graduates package mushrooms and other fruits and vegetables for sale. 

Netherlands District, Kiwanis Club of Woerden 'T Groene Hart, Speelgoedbank Woerden, Woerden Toy Bank

Netherland DistrictAfter learning about the number of children living in poverty, the Kiwanis Club Woerden created the Woerden Toy Bank. Club members collect used toys, clean and fix them, then distribute them to children, because, as the members say, every child deserves the right to play. Since the start of this project, the club has helped more than 170 children.

New Zealand-South Pacific District, Kiwanis Club of Oceanside, Threads Across the Pacific

New Zealand-South Pacific DistrictThe Kiwanis Club of Oceanside in New Zealand arranges for donated sewing machines and sewing supplies to be sent to the South Pacific island of Vanuatu to help the women of the island learn a new skill. Kiwanis members and other volunteers teach the women to make clothing for their families, school uniforms for children and souvenir items to sell to tourists, giving them the opportunity to make their own money and become self-sufficient.  

Philippine South District, Kiwanis Club of Gensan Dynamic Movers, Silip-Linis Tenga, Ear Check and Hygiene

Philippine South District,The Kiwanis Club of Gensan Dynamic Movers is helping doctors identify and treat ear problems in the Socsargen region of the Philippines, where only a few ear, nose and throat doctors see patients. Club members were trained to do ear screenings using a simple flashlight. Patients with ear problem were referred to an ear doctor, who is a club member. Since August 2016, Kiwanis members have checked the ears of more than 4,100 children.

Taiwan District, Kiwanis Club of Dah Dah, Blood Donation Event

Taiwan DistrictIn Taiwan, fewer young people are giving blood, which is leading to a blood shortage and a problem for doctors as patients undergo surgery. The Kiwanis Club of Dah Dah is working to encourage more people to donate blood by holding and promoting blood donation events. The club even persuaded the Taiwan District to hold its own blood donation event.

Western Canada District, Kiwanis Club of Calgary, Apple Festival

Western Canada DistrictMore than 1,400 people attend the Kiwanis Apple Festival each year held by the Kiwanis Club of Calgary, Alberta. The apple-themed festival offers activities such as archery, apple baking and old-fashioned juice pressing. Visitors can take home a freshly baked apple pie, an apple tart or apple fritters. Proceeds from the family-friendly event support Kamp Kiwanis, which offers summer camp programs to more than 2,000 children from underserved communities. 


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