The importance of a consistent Kiwanis logo

Vicki Hermansen | Aug 26, 2019

Consistent Kiwanis 

If your Kiwanis club is using the old globe logo — sometimes referred to as the birdcage logo — your club’s look is outdated. That particular logo was updated nearly a decade ago and should now be permanently retired.  

Kiwanis International adopted our current logo in June of 2010 and it’s important that every Kiwanis club in the world use it. Why? Because consistent, easily recognizable branding makes our organization stronger.  

Do you immediately recognize the Nike Swoosh? How about the green Starbucks logo? A red Coca-Cola graphic? Of course you do. The entire world does.  And there’s a reason for their popularity and strength: consistency.  

To bring your club up to Kiwanis brand standards, please check out the Kiwanis brand guidelines. Every current Kiwanis-family logo is available, so take this time to update all branding.  

And if your club-specific branding needs an update, custom club logos can be ordered for free online too.   

Strong companies adhere to strong branding. Whenever you use the organization’s branding, please use the current version. And please use the new guidelines for your club logos. Together, we can make Kiwanis a household name with a consistent, fresh look.


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