There's a lot to love about being a Kiwanian

| Jan 28, 2022

Puppies and babies and workouts and books are just a sampling of what Kiwanis members tell us they love right now. There’s so much to love about this wonderful, diverse world, isn’t there? So much to celebrate!

You probably love babies too. And puppies. (We know, we know: Not everyone loves a workout!) As you can guess, you already love a lot of things that are likely on other Kiwanians’ lists as well.  

We love a lot of things about Kiwanis as well. Because there’s so much to love! We think Kiwanis is the best service organization in the world — and we bet you do too.

Here’s a list of the top things we love about Kiwanis that we think you probably (or should) love too!


Let’s face it: You’re probably a Kiwanis member because, like us, you simply love helping others. It fuels your fire. Drives you to get up in the morning and head out to make someone’s life better. Service is at the core of what you do — what we all do — to make children and families around the world happier, healthier, educated and loved.  


The pandemic has many of us worried and uncertain. But with life slowing down a bit in the past year or two, many of us have had the chance to pick up a book, study a new language, take an online course or dabble in a new hobby.

Learning is cool! At Kiwanis, we love to offer ways for Kiwanis family members to learn new things. Here are a few ways we enhance members’ lives with learning experiences:

  • Kiwanis Amplify. A leadership program for those who want to amplify their ability to lead a team.
  • Key Leader. A weekend experience that empowers teens to become more caring and confident leaders.
  • Global Leadership Certificate. An online program for CKI and Key Club members who want to elevate their voices and build skills that will make them attractive to colleges/universities, trade schools and employers.
  • Conventions. From ideas for service to innovations in fundraising, you’ll find it at the 2022 Kiwanis International Convention.


Fellowship can extend beyond your Kiwanis club. Think about all the people you’ve met and keep in touch with because of Kiwanis — including the people you’ve served or partnered with in your community.

Friendships can even extend beyond your division and your district. One great way to make friends is to attend conventions or help a Service Leadership Program member attend one. If you’ve been to a convention, you know that something magical happens: The world becomes smaller. A place like Nepal, for example, doesn’t seem so distant or unfamiliar when you can say, “I have a friend in Nepal!”  

Many things in life don’t last forever. But the connections we make can last a lifetime. The service we do can improve the rest of a person’s life. And the things we learn can change us for the better — forever.  

These are the things we love most about Kiwanis. We bet you do too!


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