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Walt Disney World® Resort guest enjoy outdoor dining. (As to Disney properties/artwork: Copyright Disney)

There are two kinds of convention travelers. There are procrastinators, and there are planners.

What temporizing travelers may not know is that it’s easier and much more rewarding to be a planner.

Planners get the most of their convention experiences. They have fun, have time to see the local sights, meet interesting people from faraway places and bring home a ton of helpful knowledge for their clubs. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the 104th Annual Kiwanis International Convention, June 26-30, at Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida. 

  • Register now to take advantage of the US$350 rate, which will increase to $400 on May 17. Arrange with your club to be a delegate to avoid waiting in line when you arrive at the convention center. 
  • Study the schedule, and purchase tickets for special events before they sell out. Sometime in late May or early June, the convention app will become available in the Google Play or apple App store. Download it and customize a schedule for yourself, allowing enough time for the convention, as well as local attractions. 
  • Book your hotel through Kiwanis. In addition to much lower rates, you’ll get free transportation to and from the airport on Disney’s Magical Express and free parking at the resort. 
  • Pack wisely. Make a list of everything you want to take so you don’t lose or forget anything. Roll, don’t fold your clothes. Include zipped plastic bags and elastic cords; you’ll find they come in handy! Don’t forget business cards. Leave space in your luggage for souvenirs. 
  • Bring clothes that can be worn in layers, because convention centers can be too chilly for one guest but too warm for another. Bring comfortable shoes, because you may set a personal best on your fitness watch while strolling about the convention center and the Disney parks. 

    Need more ideas? Check out for convention information. Don’t forget the experts at Collette, a Kiwanis travel partner, by visiting for traveling advice. Google “Disney World tips,” and you’ll find hundreds of sites eager to share their secrets.

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