Turn education into a game for students

| Dec 17, 2021

Music Contests

Contests can help students not only learn more about subjects like math and languages, but also develop their confidence, leadership and creativity. And best of all: It's fun! Here are a few examples:  

  • Speech and essay contests are popular options because clubs of any size can collaborate with schools to organize them. Possible topics can range from "What does it mean to be a leader?" to "What's your favorite book and why?" Set different prompts for each age group. Recognize the winners by posting videos of their speeches or essay transcripts on your club website and social media (after getting permission).
  • Host a dictation, for children or for adults, either as a fundraiser, charging a fee to enter the dictation contest, or as a service project, to foster literacy. 
  • Host a science fair, like Kiwanis clubs in New Zealand do. Allow students to choose a topic that interests them. Keep the love of science going with prizes like museum passes, educational toys such as at-home chemistry sets, and maybe even a chance to shadow a professional in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career for a day. 
  • Set up a music competition. Looking for one to emulate? Check out the Toronto Kiwanis Music Festival, which has celebrated youth musicians across Canada for nearly 80 years. Possible prizes: Private tutoring session with a local professional musician, tickets to an upcoming arts performance or a public recital recognizing the top winners. 
  • How about an art contest? In Taiwan, Kiwanians encouraged more than 5,000 students to use their imagination to create their own anti-drug awareness posters. Students voted for their favorites, and the winners are on display at the Kiwanis Taiwan District office.


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