What does your club look like?

Brian Tenclinger | Sep 12, 2019

Healthy clubs have diverse membership rosters.

Diversity is key to a successful Kiwanis club. There are several ways to make sure your club includes a diverse group of people.

One proven method is to consider all the professions in your community. A Kiwanis club whose members tend to draw from the same professions won’t have as large of an impact as a club whose members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds.

The Roster Analysis Worksheet is a simple way to get started on analyzing your club’s membership and which professions the members represent. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it will get you started. Use the Roster Analysis Worksheet as a reminder of individuals who would likely enjoy being part of Kiwanis — and whose skills, relationships and experiences could enrich your club’s impact.

The Roster Analysis Worksheet is also an excellent tool to create a list of people to invite to your next service project or open house.


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