Who’s in your club?

| Sep 30, 2021

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Before you chart a course of action, you need to know the players on your team. Who’s who in your club, what are they doing — and are they making the most of their skills?
How you can take action:

  • Pull out your club’s membership list. How many people are on it? Is every member current on dues?
  • Referring to your list, make a separate roster of members who actually attend meetings on a regular basis.
  • Take a closer look at your regulars. How does each person contribute to the club — financially, with service hours, through recruitment? What are the strengths and skills of each one? Is each person able to use them?
  • What about the members who pay dues but don’t attend regularly? How can you use their strengths to get them more involved and feel like valued club members?

To thrive, your club needs more than a variety of skills. It also needs a variety of viewpoints. And that comes from a diverse membership. Work to develop a mix of:

  • Ages.
  • Ethnicities.
  • Cultures.
  • Professions.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Socioeconomic statuses.

When you capitalize on the strengths and skills of your members, you don’t need to cajole people into roles they are not meant to play. Instead, invite them to help in ways that come naturally. Wondering what to look for? A healthy team needs members like these.

people in your club The Expert
Provides a good base of knowledge on your project’s subject matter from personal experience or extensive research.

The Techie
Creates and maintains club website and social media accounts, crafts professional PowerPoint presentations, keeps club up to date on effectively using technology.

The Communicator
Promotes your club and its events with media and the public, works with the techie to craft social media messages, serves as a club spokesperson.

The Number Cruncher
Keeps your budget balanced, makes sure your service projects get the most bang for the buck.

The Connector
Uses connections around town to cut through red tape, connects people to people or much-needed resources, makes things happen and gets things done.

The Social Butterfly
Introduces potential members from a variety of sources, knows where to find volunteers, spreads good “gossip” about your club and its projects.

The Workhorse
Has the time and the motivation to help with any project, loves to do hands-on tasks, has a “let’s get it done” attitude, is level-headed and practical.

The Motivator
Keeps everyone on task, provides positive energy and a healthy competitive spirit for the group, inspires members to reach their potential.

The Creative

Pushes group to be imaginative and curious, anticipates problems and looks for innovative solutions, creates projects that stand out from the crowd.


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