World Mental Health Day is Oct. 10

| Oct 09, 2020


World Mental Health Day is Saturday, October 10. Here are 10 ways you and your club can help people keep their minds active and healthy:

  1. Happiness comes from helping others — it’s scientifically proven! — so perform a small, random act of kindness for a neighbor or friend.
  2. Ask school counselors how your club can help students cope during the pandemic. 
  3. Know a child who is missing out on milestone events? Check out these tips to help ease their blues.
  4. Provide students with age-appropriate books to help them escape into fantastic, fun worlds. 
  5. Create and distribute “family night” kits with activities and games children can enjoy with their parents and guardians. 
  6. Drop off gift cards for coffee or treats for teachers. Or purchase teachers’ most-needed supplies from the Kiwanis Warehouse.
  7. Team up with Key Club and CKI members to host a cyberbullying prevention workshop.
  8. Use these resources from our partner, Reading is Fundamental, to teach young kids how to navigate their emotions during frustrating or difficult times. 
  9. Watch our “Mental Health Q&A” Lunch with a Leader webcast
  10. Don’t forget about yourself! Here are six ways to keep your mind healthy.


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