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2021 Kiwanis Education and Leadership Conference


Do you see the great things Kiwanis clubs — big and small — are doing and wish your club could help kids that way too? The 2021 Kiwanis Education and Leadership Conference will show you how. You’ll learn how to develop a solid plan, get ideas about funding sources and maybe even create your own blueprints for change. Where does your club want to make its mark?

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The spring 2021 Kiwanis Amplify program culminates with a capstone experience in Salt Lake City, Utah. Those who participated in the eight-week leadership development program are invited to attend a live experience with their cohorts. Participants will discuss what they learned throughout the Kiwanis Amplify program and how they intend to put those ideas into practice. A virtual version of the capstone experience will be provided in July for those not traveling to Salt Lake City.

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Kick off your ELC in SLC experience at this opening session featuring Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. Captain Sully landed a plane in the middle of a New York City river after both engines lost power following a bird strike. Everyone survived with only a few minor injuries. Sullenberger is an expert in innovation in the face of disaster. His lessons on preparedness — particularly in the times of change and challenge — will empower you to reach new levels of excellence as a Kiwanis captain.

Select one of these seminars to attend.  


CLUB MEMBERSHIP SUMMIT (Attend virtually or in person.)
Three out of four members joined a Kiwanis club because someone invited them. We’ll explore practices for increasing membership and overcoming the challenges placed on a membership organization during the pandemic. Learn how to identify potential sites for new clubs, develop strategies and create a timetable for taking a club from an idea to serving children. Participants will walk away with an action plan to boost their clubs’ membership and community visibility.
Who should attend: Any leader, club membership chair or club member looking to sharpen their skills to promote your club in your community and increase membership.


CLUB IMPROVEMENT SUMMIT (Attend virtually or in person.)
If your club isn’t evolving and improving, it will fail sooner or later. How do you keep members engaged and inspired? Gather resources to evaluate your club — and make decisions based on data, not emotion. What data should you collect and pay attention to? Leave with a rock-solid plan to make your club relevant and inviting for people of all generations. Keep an open mind — and an open notebook — for ideas on how to get past those cranky roadblocks that repeat, “That’s not how we do it here.”  
Who should attend:
Leaders and members who don't want to see their club die or want to lead their club with strong and efficient business practices.


Kids need Kiwanis — in good times and bad. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. It’s time to rethink how to help kids thrive, prosper and grow within our current restraints. The first step is honestly analyzing the impact your club is currently having. Then, visualize the impact you’d like to have in the community. We'll walk through the process and look at innovative service projects clubs can do right now and in the future. 
Who should attend: Leaders, service chairs and club members who remain determined in uncertain times to improve communities for kids.


It takes money to serve kids. But fundraising within the current COVID-19 pandemic presents a new set of challenges. People are relying on you to keep them safe at any in-person events. Come and brainstorm. Learn how to take an existing fundraiser and improve its reach in the community with hybrid approaches and online fundraising platforms. These innovative fundraising initiatives can fuel your service and administrative accounts. 
Who should attend: Leaders, fundraising chairs and members looking for inspiration on how to safely and effectively raise funds during these challenging times.

*Late afternoon
Play is critical to helping kids develop healthy brains, says Rachel Giannini. Rachel was so good at teaching preschool, she was asked to star in a documentary about the importance of early childhood education. “No Small Matter” examines why millions of children aren’t getting the care they need to succeed. Ms. Rachel — as she is called — will help your Kiwanis club make sure it’s providing the care kids in your community need.

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FRIDAY KICKOFF (Attend virtually or in person)
Become a Kiwanis agent for good by kicking off Friday with Kevin Carroll. Kevin dedicates his life to advancing education, sports and play for social change and success. He has helped turn creative ideas into reality for organizations such as Nike, Starbucks, Adidas, Walt Disney, Target and many others. Endorse his seven simple rules and you’ll find your club making a bigger impact in your community.



Select one of these seminars to attend.            


YOUTH LEADERSHIP (Attend virtually or in person.)
Developing the next generations of leaders through service is in the DNA of Kiwanis — but successfully working with Service Leadership Program members takes knowledge. Get a blueprint on how to build a stronger relationship with an SLP club. Use these tools and resources for welcoming SLPs back to service after a pandemic shutdown. You'll become a better mentor, a better sponsor and a better coach for our world's future leaders. What could be more noble? 
Who should attend:
Current and incoming Kiwanis advisors to SLP clubs who want to build stronger relationships with young leaders.


YOUTH PROTECTION (Attend virtually or in person.)
When we work with and mentor youth during projects and activities, their care and welfare are entrusted to us. Kiwanis members must know how to protect the youth with whom we interact and understanding the dangers facing youth. When we all share this commitment, we also protect ourselves and the organization we value. Develop a deeper understanding of the Kiwanis Youth Protection program, including who’s looking at what information during a background check.
Who should attend:
Leaders and members who want to develop a deeper understanding of the prevalence of dangers facing youth and how Kiwanis is working to protect the children entrusted to our care.


YOUNG CHILDREN (Attend virtually only)
A child’s health and nutrition affect academic performance, not to mention their social and emotional wellbeing. Understand how Kiwanis clubs can work to protect kids from harm and keep them safe mentally, physically and emotionally as they explore the world. Discover how social equity and sustainability can be incorporated into universal playground design.


EDUCATION AND LITERACY (Attend virtually only)
Turning small moments into learning moments is the first step toward creating lifelong learners. If your community assessment shows a literacy need in your community, we can help you design rich literacy experiences. Leave this track with a list of resources, projects and ideas that help kids improve their mind.


It takes money to serve kids. Fundraising can be easy and fun, but it can get old — quickly. These innovative fundraising and dollar stretching programs can fuel your service account. Get ideas on how to raise funds safely and effectively. 


*Late afternoon
POWER OF PLAY KEYNOTE ADDRESS (Attend virtually or in person)

Ethan Zohn believes that a better and healthier world can be achieved through education, advocacy and inspiration. Ethan may be famous from CBS’s “Survivor: Africa,” but it’s what he did with the prize winnings that will have you singing his praises. As a former professional soccer player, he knows the unparalleled power of sport as an agent for social change. His nonprofit empowers young people in sub-Saharan Africa to make educated choices about pressing health challenges. 


 *Schedule subject to change




DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION SUMMIT (Attend virtually or in person)
What does diversity, equity and inclusion look like for your Kiwanis club and community? Join us for an interactive session where we will learn and explore these topics together. Be inspired by a keynote address from a noted leader and fellow Kiwanian in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion. In-person and virtual attendees will participate in an interactive exercise and spend time with a peer group of Kiwanians to talk about how clubs can better serve and reflect their communities.


 *Schedule subject to change

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