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A cornerstone is an essential piece. It helps determine the shape and direction of all that follows. When Kiwanis club members make a three-year commitment totaling at least US$15,000 to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, they help shape the future for Kiwanis — and for the kids we serve. 

That’s why we honor these donors with membership in the Kiwanis Cornerstone Society. The Kiwanians below have contributed to the collective power of the Kiwanis family, helping us build a stronger foundation for the years ahead. 

This award is available for a three-year commitment totaling at least US$15,000 to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. Please note that Cornerstone Society membership includes a lapel pin in recognition of your gift. Email us at childrensfund@kiwanis.org to request more information about the Cornerstone Society. 

Debbie Cater and Bill Cater“I’m delighted to join the Cornerstone Society, knowing my gift will allow Kiwanis clubs near and far to reach more kids in their local communities. I’m sure Bill would have been excited, too!” — Deborah “Debbie” Carter (pictured at left with her late husband William Cater Jr.), Kiwanis Club of Lititz Area, Pennsylvania, U.S. 


Kiwanis Cornerstone Society members 

  • Ted Barrows
  • David Booker
  • In memory of William B. Cater, Jr.
  • Gerald P. and Linda D. Christiano
  • George and Lynna Gene Cook
  • Ted and Lynn Coons
  • Cowles Family Fund
  • Kip and Becky Crain
  • Sue Fleschner
  • Scott Greenlee
  • Milford and Lenora Hanna
  • Roger and Susan Jespersen
  • Brenda Leigh Johnson
  • Judy Kramer
  • Adel Luzuriaga
  • John Maihos
  • Robert and Jan Maxwell
  • Jimmy McCorlew
  • Lewis Meyers
  • Susan Mower
  • Mark and Janet Ott
  • Stephen and Janet Page
  • Paul and Suanne Palazzolo
  • Susan Petrisin
  • Rick and Bonnie Poulton
  • Alan Michael Quon
  • Mark Rabaut
  • Cathy and Lenny Simmons
  • J. Szulwach
  • Stanley and Shirley Tipton
  • John Tyner II
  • Linwood Nathaniel Watson
  • Terry and Zenda White
  • Jeffrey and Jennifer Wolff
  • Amy Zimmerman