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Who can apply?
For all scholarship opportunities awarded by the Children’s Fund, only members in good standing of Circle K International or Key Club International completing their final year of high school may apply. Review each scholarship application carefully for any additional requirements.

I’m in Key Club but I don’t graduate this year. Can I apply for scholarships now?
No, scholarship awards are for graduating seniors. Check our website on November 1 of your senior year in high school for available scholarship opportunities.

I am not a member of Key Club or CKI. Do you have any scholarships I can apply for?
No, only Key Club and CKI members are eligible for scholarships distributed by the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. Check with your school for scholarships you may qualify for. You may be eligible for a scholarship offered by your local Kiwanis club, district or district foundation.

I’m a Kiwanis member whose child is graduating high school this year but is not a member of Key Club. Are any scholarships available for him/her?
Not at this time. Scholarship eligibility criteria are determined by each donor when they establish the fund. Currently all donors have restricted their scholarship awards to members of Key Club and CKI.

How do I apply?
Create an account with Foundant, our online scholarship management system. That’s where you view all scholarship opportunities and submit your application. Only online applications are accepted.

When can I apply?
Scholarship opportunities are posted on our website every year by November 1. Please wait until the scholarship opportunities are posted to ask questions and begin the application process.

When are scholarship applications due?
Scholarship applications must be submitted by February 1.

How can I check the status of my application?
Your application and decision status will be on your applicant dashboard for each scholarship in Foundant.

What are the application stages? 
Draft: Your application has been started, but not submitted.
Submitted: Your application has been submitted. Due to the volume of applications, we are unable to provide more specific information regarding the status of your application.

The decision stages are:
Approved: You have been selected as a scholarship recipient and will be notified by email in April.
Denied: You were not selected as a scholarship recipient and will be notified by email.
Undecided: The committees are still reviewing the scholarships and no decisions have been made.
Abandoned: Your request is no longer under consideration. If you started an application in error, you can select “Abandon Request” at the bottom of the application. This will delete this application from our candidate pool. (Please note: If you abandon an application, it will be available in read-only form. You can no longer edit or submit it.)

How will I be notified if I was selected for a scholarship?
Scholarship recipients are notified by email in April.

Will I be notified if I am not selected for a scholarship?
Yes, all applicants will be notified by email.

Can I include additional information with my application, such as a resume, photo, additional letters of recommendation, etc.?
No. You should only include the items requested in our online application. Uploading unrequested items in your application packet will disqualify your application from consideration.

Can my school mail my transcript? What about my letters of reference?
No, all required items must be uploaded to our scholarship management software, Foundant, to be considered. Application requirements may not be sent by mail or email.

Do I have to provide an official transcript?
No. To keep costs low for applicants, an unofficial transcript can be provided.

If I am applying for more than one scholarship, do I need a separate personal statement and letter of recommendation for each application?
No. Even if you are applying for more than one scholarship, you will only complete one universal application through the Children’s Fund. This means you’ll only need to provide one contact for your letter of recommendation; that letter will be applied to all scholarship opportunities you are applying for.

Do you have information for all the Kiwanis family scholarships?
No. The Children’s Fund only has information regarding the scholarships that we award. We do not have information on scholarships offered through Kiwanis districts, foundations or clubs. If you have questions regarding a scholarship award that is not listed in our scholarship opportunities, contact your school or the person with whom you have previously communicated.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Please contact the Kiwanis Children’s Fund at scholarships@kiwanis.org.