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Licensing & registered trademarks

Kiwanis International has been helping children since 1915. We do this by providing services to children who need them most, and by working with youth programs to instill the benefits of volunteer service while providing youth leadership opportunities.   

It’s important to make sure our brand and trademarks are used properly. That’s why Kiwanis requires vendors to obtain a license when they prepare products for your club with any Kiwanis family logo. Licensing vendors helps protect our brand, ensuring that we will be here to help children and provide continued opportunities to our youth programs for years to come.  

To improve the protection of Kiwanis trademarks while still allowing latitude for Kiwanis family members to use the marks, the Kiwanis International Board revised the “Use of Name of Emblem” Policy C., 4. in October 1992 to require that all merchandise that is:

Marked with a Kiwanis-family (Kiwanis, Key Club, Circle K, Builders Club, Kiwanis Kids, or Aktion Club) name or emblem, and Purchased or manufactured for resale.

Must be purchased exclusively from the Kiwanis International Family Store or from an official licensee authorized by Kiwanis International to manufacture, sell, or distribute merchandise bearing a Kiwanis-family emblem.

If your club purchases merchandise marked with a Kiwanis-family emblem, your supplier (or your Kiwanis organization) must have a license to produce and sell these items.

Our partner Affinity Consultants is managing all of our vendors, making sure they are licensed and are properly using our logo and wordmark on promotional merchandise.