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Who we are

Our mission 

At the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, our mission is to develop resources that transform the goodwill and vision of Kiwanians into programs that serve the children of the world. Through the Kiwanis causes, members’ service makes a difference in each phase of a young person’s development. It’s a continuum of impact. That’s because the work Kiwanians do in each cause helps provide a head start on success in the next — ultimately creating leaders who then make the same impact on succeeding generations. 

The Kiwanis causes 

Whether they’re getting ready to learn or getting ready to lead, kids need Kiwanis. A gift to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund is one of the most effective ways to reach them — and to support the Kiwanis causes: 

  • Health and nutrition. The Children’s Fund provides grants to clubs, districts and global partners to provide healthy food to children around the world. From the prenatal stage to age 5, a child’s brain grows at an astounding rate. But that development depends on access to key nutrients, including iodine.  
  • Education and literacy. The Children’s Fund provides grants to support club and district literacy and education projects. Worldwide, 250 million children lack basic literacy skills. In the U.S., 88% of students who fail to earn a high school diploma were struggling readers in third grade. When we help someone to acquire literacy skills, we empower them with better opportunities.
  • Youth leadership development. The Children’s Fund helps young people evolve into community leaders by supporting Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs with grants and scholarships. With access to leadership and volunteer opportunities, youth learn responsibility, self-discipline and respect. These are key factors in overcoming challenges and achieving academic success.  

    Our core values 

    The Kiwanis Children’s Fund strives to make sure that your gift helps children in many places and many ways. And we succeed by holding fast to a set of core values: 

    • Stewardship. We are committed to meeting and sustaining donors’ confidence that the Children’s Fund will invest their contributions wisely and distribute funds consistent with the values inherent in the Kiwanis International mission.
    • Transparency. We adhere to the Donor Bill of Rights to treat all constituents fairly and ethically and to be aboveboard in all of our dealings. (The Donor Bill of Rights is also available in Spanish and French.)
    • Responsiveness. We are relevant and proactive in meeting donors’ and grantees’ needs.
    • Legacy. We give donors the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the world.
    • Integrity. We deal honestly in our interactions with all stakeholders.
    • Trust. Through the integrity of our actions, we seek to earn and maintain the trust of our Kiwanis family and constituents. 

      Along with all these values comes accountability. Your gifts reflect your hope for children’s lives — and your trust in us. So we strive to earn that trust. We share records and reports that document gifts, grants and the people we serve. 

      Donor Bill of Rights © 2011, Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), all rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from the Association of Fundraising Professionals. 

      Kiwanis Children’s Fund 
      3636 Woodview Trace 
      Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA 
      (800) 549-2647  (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada) 
      +1-317-217-6236 (worldwide) 
      Please mail gifts to: 
      P.O. Box 6457 – Dept # 286 
      Indianapolis, IN 46206 USA