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Welcome to Chaperone Central!

Everything you need to know about youth protection for the 2024 Key Club International Convention.

We have two main goals for the Key Club International convention: to provide valuable educational experiences and to ensure the safety and well-being of Key Club members. Without volunteers like you, events like this would not be possible.  

Kiwanis International takes youth protection seriously. The organization has policy and training requirements in place to prepare you and to mitigate risk and unsafe situations during the convention.  

Adults attending the Key Club International convention serve in different roles. Some are official chaperones, as district administrators or advisors accompanying students to workshops and general convention sessions. Others are parents or guardians traveling with Key Club members, but without plans to participate in official convention events. Whether you have an active or passive role, we ask that all adults review and abide by Kiwanis youth protection policies.    


  1. Find your role in the chart to learn which youth protection measures are required of you. You will find more instructions about each requirement below the chart.
  2. Scroll down to learn about the three requirements that will get you ready to protect Kiwanis youth. These must be completed by July 1.


Role of Adult Attendee  Clear Background Check (valid thru 7/14/2024)

Praesidium Courses (valid for two years)

2024 Chaperone Youth Protection Policy Training

District administrator and board member  Yes  6  Yes 
Kiwanis member advisor and faculty advisor  Yes  6  Yes 
Chaperone (age 21+ or 25+ depending on district) including CKI member chaperone  Yes  3  Yes 
Parent, non-chaperone, staying only 1 night  No  No  No 
Parent, non-chaperone, staying 2+ nights in event hotel Yes  3  Yes 
Spouse, partner, relative, or friend: non-chaperone, age 19+, staying 1+ night(s) between July 10-14 in event hotel OR entering event space/activity  Yes  3  Yes 
Presenter or CKI member  Yes  No  Review Kiwanis YP Policy PDF 


Step One: Background checks

A clear Kiwanis background check needs to be on file with an expiration date after July 14, 2024. Please choose which of the three options applies to you and follow instructions.  

  1. You know that you have a background check on file with Kiwanis and that it will still be valid by July 14: Proceed to Step Two.
  2. You submitted a background check application when you registered for Key Club convention: You should receive an email from Safe Visitor when results are cleared. Proceed to Step Two.
  3. You received an e-mail with a link to a background check: Please click the link and fill out the Safe Visitor background check immediately, as it can take up to two weeks to search and process results. You should receive an email from Safe Visitor when results are cleared. Proceed to Step Two.

Questions about your background-check status?

  • Kiwanis members and faculty advisors: Find your background-check expiration date on your “Me” page of the Kiwanis portal (Kiwanis Connect).  
  • Nonmember chaperones: Contact us at backgroundchecks@kiwanis.org.  
Step Two: Abuse prevention courses

Kiwanis partners with Praesidium Academy Inc. to provide the online courses our chaperones take prior to an event: 

  • Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers. 
  • Social Media Safety. 
  • Preventing Sexual Activity Between Adolescents. 

These courses are free to Kiwanis chaperones and members, and they are valid for two years. (They are available on demand in English, Spanish and French.). They will help you identify behaviors, spaces and situations where youth are at risk and provide you with strategies for addressing them.   

Please choose which of the two options applies to you and follow instructions:

You know or are unsure whether you have completed these three courses since July 14, 2022, through Kiwanis International’s Praesidium.

      1. Please log in to your Praesidium account to double-check your “Completed” courses.
      2. If they are not complete or up-to-date, follow the instructions for those who have not completed the courses.
      3. If they are complete, proceed to the Resources section below.

You have not completed these three courses since July 14, 2022, through Kiwanis’ Praesidium.

      1. You may log in to take the courses at your convenience.
      2. Praesidium will provide a report to Kiwanis informing us of your course completion.

How to access Kiwanis abuse prevention courses through Praesidium Academy:  

  • Use the email you have on file with Kiwanis International to ensure your courses are recognized.  
  • Most courses work on mobile devices, but they are easier to navigate on a desktop or laptop computer. The course “Preventing Sexual Activity Between Adolescents” does not work well on mobile.  

Kiwanis members:

If you are an SLP advisor, you already have a Praesidium account. Go straight to praesidiumacademy.com/learn to log in. You may need to click “Forgot your password” to create or reset a password.  

Other members: 

  • In the Kiwanis member portal, Kiwanis Connect, select your group (club name) if necessary, then click “Create Praesidium Account” on the “Me” page.  
  • Praesidium will send an email to the address Kiwanis International has on file for you. Check your email (including your spam or junk folder) to accept the invitation to access your account.  
  • Create a password to log in. (You may be asked to click “Forgot your password.”) 
  1. Answer the registration questions about your status and role with the organization.
  2. To begin training, scroll down and click a course.   

Kiwanis members: Troubleshooting 

Problem  Action 
You click the link in your Kiwanis portal but get an error message.  If you get this, you already have an account. Go straight to Praesidium and click to reset your password. 
You don’t get an email.  Check your spam. 
You still don’t get an email, or you are a Service Leadership Program advisor.  Go to Praesidium  to log in. Request to change password. 
It’s just not working.  Make sure you’re using the same email Kiwanis has on file. 
It’s still not working.  You may have an account that was started for you a few years ago and has been disabled due to inactivity. Send an email to youthprotection@kiwanis.org. 

Nonmember faculty advisors: 

Some faculty advisors already have a Praesidium account set up for them. 

  1. Go to praesidiumacademy.com to try to log in with your email that Kiwanis uses (likely your school email). Request to reset password if necessary.
  2. Check your email (including spam) for the invitation to access your account.
  3. If that’s not working, you might need to set up a new account. Follow the steps for a nonmember chaperone. 

Nonmember chaperones (parent, spouse, school employee, etc.) and guests:  

You might already have a Kiwanis Praesidium account. If so:  

  1. You might have logged in to Praesidium before; log in to that same account again.
  2. Be sure to use the email you have on file with Kiwanis International.
  3. You may need to click on “Forgot your password” to create a new one.
  4. If you don’t get an email after three minutes (be sure to check your spam or junk folder as well), you are either using the wrong email address or you don’t have an account yet. In that case, follow the instructions below.  

To create a new account:

  1. Go to praesidiumacademy.com/redeem.
  2. Fill in your information, including first and last name, the email you have on file with Kiwanis and your desired password.
  3. Enter the code: kiwanischaperones.
  4. Click “Validate” to confirm the code.
  5. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Click “Register.”
  7. Answer the registration questions about your status and role with the organization.
Step Three: Policy training

We are pleased to offer an online chaperone training course that describes Kiwanis youth protection policies and procedures, making it easier than ever for you to learn at your own pace and at a time convenient for you. The course scenarios will help you think through possible risks, student behaviors and best-practice responses.   

The course is hosted on our learning management platform, learn.kiwanis. Choose your role in the chart below to read instructions for logging in after April 15, 2024. This course is required each year you attend the Key Club convention.


Key Club advisors, Key Club faculty advisors and district administrators


Nonmember chaperones (parents/guardians), guests, Kiwanis members who are not advisors/administrators


In your Kiwanis portal (Kiwanis Connect), select your role associated with Key Club. Go to your “Me” page. Near the bottom of the center, click on “Click here to access ‘Chaperone Policy Training’ or ‘Global Leadership Certificate.’”

This will take you to your learn.kiwanis dashboard, where you will choose the course you will take: “Policy Training for Key Club International Convention Chaperones.” 

Go tolearn.kiwanis.org/diweb/start.
Your login is the email address you used to register for the convention. Your password isIcon2024!  (Please click on Forgot Password to change it after verifying you can log in).

This will take you to your learn.kiwanis dashboard, where you will choose the course you will take: “Policy Training for Key Club International Convention Chaperones.” Please allow up to three business days for your account to be available after you register.


 Contact information 

If you need technical help or have any other questions, email or call one of the following.  



For help with:
backgroundchecks@kiwanis.org  Youth Protection Associate
Background checks 
youthprotection@kiwanis.org  Education & Training Administrator

Policies and procedures 


This webpage 

24/7 Youth Protection Helpline  +1-866-607-SAFE (7233)  Reporting policy violations, inappropriate behavior or abuse. (Callers may choose to remain anonymous.)