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Since 1940, the Kiwanis Children’s Fund has helped Kiwanians extend their impact — in their own hometowns and around the world. We do this by developing resources that transform the goodwill and vision of Kiwanians into programs that serve the children of the world. One of the ways we make it happen is our Club Grant program.

For the Children’s Fund, a grant does more than fill a funding gap. It’s a collaboration. Grant funding helps address an unmet need of children through a project that provides long-term benefits sustained by a club. Clubs interested in applying for a grant should review the program material carefully to learn about the Kiwanis Children’s Fund as a potential funding partner.

The Guide to Club Grants
Successfully applying for a club grant requires thoughtful preparation and thorough attention to the program’s criteria. The keys to preparing a successful grant application can be found in our Guide to Club Grants. This document walks you through each step of the grant process — providing instructions, detailed background information, important dates, helpful tips and links to additional resources.

Eligibility and requirements
Grant-funded projects must have a strong Kiwanis identity — and the Kiwanis club’s significant hands-on involvement. Projects must also support activities addressing at least one of the following Children’s Fund cause areas: health, education and youth leadership development. Complete eligibility requirements are outlined in the Guide to Club Grants. Take our eligibility quiz to see if your club’s project meets the minimum funding requirements. Once issued a grant, a club will be eligible to apply for another grant two years after submitting the final report.

Important dates
For March 1 funding decisions:

    • Submit Letter of Inquiry any time before November 1
    • If approved, submit full application by January 1

For August 1 funding decisions:

    • Submit Letter of Inquiry any time before April 1
    • If approved, submit full application by June 1

Additional resources

We welcome you to check out our listing of Club Grant Program resources. For additional support throughout the grant-seeking process, applicants can find links to useful resources in the Guide to Club Grants.

The impact of club grants
The goodwill and vision — and hard work — of Kiwanians are changing the world. Take a look at the Kiwanis International blog for some of the previous projects that the Kiwanis Children’s Fund has supported.

Ready to apply?
After reading through the Guide to Club Grants and our additional resources, begin an application in Foundant, our online grantmaking system.

If your club already has a Foundant account, you will use the existing login credentials. Please do not create another account if your club has previously applied via Foundant.

If your club does not have a Foundant account, you will need to create one. This can be done from the Logon Page by clicking “Create New Account”. Once your account is created, you can login, then click on “Apply” and choose your preferred application language from the available selection.

Looking for additional funding?
Beyond the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, there are many options for making your Kiwanis project a success. Check out our Funding Options resource, learn more about Kiwanis International’s Vision Partners or reach out to your district foundation about potential grant opportunities.


Contact us
Please contact us with questions at grants@kiwanis.org. You can also call 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 225 (U.S. and Canada), or +1-317-217-6225 (worldwide).