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The Dr. Wil Blechman Fellowship recognizes individuals who give at least US$2,500 — or have a contribution of that amount or more made in their name — to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.* Established in 2022, the fellowship commemorates the legacy of the 1990-91 Kiwanis International president who died in 2021.

Dr. Wil, as he was fondly known, had a profound impact on the organization. More than any other member, he put Kiwanis on the world stage for early childhood health and development, leading the way in our successful efforts fighting iodine deficiency disorders and maternal and neonatal tetanus. 

A rheumatologist, Dr. Wil retired from his medical practice after serving as Kiwanis president to become a full-time advocate for children through Young Children: Priority One. Dr. Wil and his wife, Rachel, focused on projects that provided families in need with essentials such as vaccinations, nutrition and reading skills. 

Follow Dr. Wil’s lead and change children’s lives with a gift to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.

If you have questions or need assistance, call the Children’s Fund at (800) 549-2647 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada), or +1-317-217-6236 (worldwide). You can also email childrensfund@kiwanis.org.

*This award is available for unrestricted gifts totaling at least US$2,500 made to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund within the same Kiwanis year (October-September). Please note that the Dr. Wil Blechman Fellowship includes a lapel pin in recognition of your US$2,500 gift. A printed certificate is available on request. An optional, personalized shadowbox can be purchased at store.kiwanis.org/blechmanaward after making your gift. 


Use the secure form below to make your donation to the Dr. Wil Blechman Fellowship.