Skip-A-Meal extends your Kiwanis impact on children's lives

Every April, Kiwanians and their families, friends and coworkers take part in Skip-A-Meal by passing up a meal (or bringing a meal) instead of eating at a restaurant. They then give the cost equivalent of that meal to the Kiwanis Children's Fund. These gifts help them extend their Kiwanis impact to children at home and around the world.

The Skip-A-Meal program allows clubs to be creative. Some club members simply skip their meal or bring a meal from home to the club meeting and then make their gift. Other clubs put together an event or activity that includes their friends, community and coworkers. For instance, some clubs attract donations at a storefront booth or neighborhood event.

Join the Kiwanis family by skipping just one meal during the month of April. With Skip-A-Meal, you support Kiwanis International’s mission of serving the children of the world—by helping to fund grants from our foundation to Kiwanis clubs and districts. It’s another way to extend your Kiwanis impact and help change children’s lives today.

1. Donate online for Skip-A-Meal
2. Download a gift/pledge form to donate by mail or fax
3. Formulario de compromiso de donación (gift/pledge form in Spanish)

1. Skip-A-Meal table tent
2. Skip-A-Meal placemat and ideas
3. Skip-A-Meal breakfast, lunch, dinner, and potluck recipe ideas
4. Aviso de mesa de Aporte Una Comida (Skip-A-Meal table tent in Spanish)

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Skip-A-Meal and support kids!

Health Note – If a person is under a physician’s care, he or she should consult a doctor before participating. If meal-skipping is not an option, a person’s participation through a gift is still welcome.