District and division recognition

District recognition

The current program in place for district recognition is made up of two components:

Five percent district grants
Each Kiwanis International district will be eligible to receive a grant equal to five percent of qualified gifts received by the Kiwanis International Foundation from both individuals and clubs within a district from October 1 through September 30. These grants to the districts are to be used to support the district’s donor recognition activities at one major conference annually and/or provide scholarships. Recognition opportunities include a reception at the district convention or midyear conference, publishing of an honors booklet, creating a website page for recognition and more.

Top 5 districts per capita in annual fund giving
As an incentive to encourage both individuals and clubs to make an annual gift, our foundation will recognize the combined giving (unrestricted gifts) of the top five per capita districts in annual fund giving. For full details on the district recognition program, visit our Resources and Downloads page or download the details of the current recognition program here.

The President’s Challenge

The President’s Challenge is issued annually by the Kiwanis International Foundation’s president to lieutenant governors, governors and foundation district chairs. The challenge encourages Kiwanis leaders to support the Kiwanis International Foundation by promoting and supporting the annual fund within each club, division and district. When you meet the challenge and achieve your goal, you will be recognized for your work. After all, you’re helping our foundation carry out its mission—to assist Kiwanis International in serving the children of the world.

Previous challenges have included recognition for district and division leaders, grants to districts for recognition activities and district matching scholarships. The current challenge helps us focus financial resources where our impact is greatest. Through grants to clubs, districts and district foundations, we are able to help more children than ever before. Although district matching scholarships are no longer part of the President’s Challenge, you’ll find other ways your district can earn scholarships, as well as grants to support recognition activities, in our district recognition program.

For full details on the current President’s Challenge, visit our Resources and Downloads page or download the President’s Challenge below. Please contact the alumni and annual fund administrator at giving@kiwanis.org with questions regarding the challenge.