Giving Tuesday

The spirit that truly defines the season

On December 3, people are coming together for Giving Tuesday. In the midst of all the shopping and buying, it’s an exciting new movement to create a day of giving at the start of the holiday season. Begun just last year, Giving Tuesday already includes nearly 6,000 partners—from charities and nonprofit organizations to businesses and individuals. The Kiwanis International Foundation is proud to be a part of it.

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We hope you’ll take part too. In fact, we’re offering two options for extending your impact to children near and far:

  • The Kiwanis Children’s Fund. Support the traditional aspects of our foundation’s mission—and make an impact today. Your gift helps provide grants that help Kiwanians reach children, whether in their own hometowns or a world away. And you help fund Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs, which develop service and leadership skills in young Kiwanis-family members (as well as adults with disabilities) who will carry our mission forward.
  • The Eliminate Project. A gift helps the Kiwanis family raise US$110 million by 2015 to help save or protect more than 61 million lives. And it helps us change the world tomorrow—by eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth.

Regardless of the option you choose, the most important thing is to give. Because each gift extends your Kiwanis impact to children near and far.

Going for the goal

When you give, you’ll also help us reach our Giving Tuesday goal of US$10,000. That’s a combined goal for the day—so your gift helps the Kiwanis family succeed, regardless of which opportunity you choose.

After all, who better than us? And what better time of year? In an annual season of kindness, it’s an international day for giving. Join the fun…and extend your Kiwanis impact to children around the world.

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