Give to the Kiwanis International Foundation on December 2.

Giving Tuesday: The spirit that truly defines the season

One day. Big impact. On December 2, 2014, people will come together for Giving Tuesday. In the midst of all the shopping and buying, it’s a movement to create a day of giving at the start of the holiday season. Giving Tuesday includes nearly 10,000 partners—from charities and nonprofit organizations to businesses and individuals. And the Kiwanis International Foundation is proud to be a part of it.

Going for the goal

Giving Tuesday gifts to the Kiwanis International Foundation will go to the Kiwanis Children's Fund. This is the fund that supports grants to Kiwanis clubs, districts and district foundations—and grants to Kiwanis’ Service Leadership programs.

Give nowOur foundation’s fundraising goal for Giving Tuesday is US$30,000. Your gifts in support of this goal will make an impact on many Kiwanis-family programs and projects, like CKI Leadership Academy and its development of emerging Kiwanis leaders.
Give back on Giving Tuesday
CKI Leadership Academy is an investment in the members of Circle K International, the Kiwanis service program for university students. In fact, the Academy is open to any member of any CKI club. Through the program, they learn that true leadership comes from putting the needs of others first. The Academy focuses on personal growth and development that helps attendees become better leaders for their clubs and their communities. Leadership experience is not a prerequisite—in fact, emerging leaders are highly encouraged to attend. This is just one example of a Kiwanis foundation grant that extends your impact.


One student's story

Carl Quant came to CKI Leadership Academy in 2012 from the Aruba District. Arriving in Morgantown, Indiana, he was the only person from his district to travel to a place unlike any he’d ever visited. While many students at the Academy were mostly worried about living without cell-phone service for a week, Carl was worried about his mother’s battle with cancer. And yet, he still managed to learn things about leadership that he took back to his CKI club at the University of Aruba.

“You must go to Leadership Academy,” he told his fellow members. “It will change your life.”

It had certainly changed Carl—he was focused, he was self-confident, and he knew what he wanted to do with his future. In the words of his CKI faculty advisor: Carl was a new person.

In 2013, Carl was selected as a student coordinator for the Academy. Unfortunately, his mother lost her battle with cancer shortly after his selection. He was prepared to decline his spot until his faculty advisor reminded him, “Your mom wanted you to go back to Leadership Academy. She wouldn’t want you to pass up this chance to make a difference in someone else’s life.”

Carl honored his mother’s memory by returning to Morgantown. And this time, he brought his faculty advisor and four fellow club members with him.

Carl’s inspiring story is precisely the kind you help make happen when you give to the Kiwanis International Foundation. Remember us on Giving Tuesday. Extend your Kiwanis impact to thousands of children in need—and to promising young adults like Carl.