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Millions of children worldwide have experienced bullying at school. Any bullying hurts a child’s self-esteem, but at its worst, bullying could lead to high anxiety, bad grades, dropping out of school or even suicide. 

The good news: You can help. 

Kiwanis is taking a stand against bullying with the help of some of its Service Leadership Programs (SLPs): K-Kids for elementary school students, Builders Club for middle years students and Key Club for teens. That’s why we’re providing educational information and powerful posters to help young people fight bullying in their schools and communities. 

Kiwanis believes that: 

    • Service clubs such as Kiwanis SLPs can be a solution to the bullying crisis faced by so many educational institutions today. 
    • For the potential target of bullying, service can be a vehicle for developing self-worth, confidence and leadership. 
    • For the potential perpetrator of bullying, service can be a vehicle for learning the power of kindness, generosity and positive purpose. 
    • Service clubs have something to offer the potential bystander: He or she will learn that when one commits to serving others, doing nothing is no longer an option. 
    • Service clubs have something to offer schools, which can contribute to a climate of giving, caring and acceptance. 
    • Education, expectations and oversight can ensure that our programs remain free from bullying. 
    • Our youth members should be leaders, through example and action, against bullying in their schools and communities, and work with trusted adults to bring about an end to this enduring problem. 


Hazing is a form of bullying found in some membership organizations. During hazing, members of an organization require potential or new members to do acts or receive treatment that makes them uncomfortable or could potentially cause emotional or physical harm. 

Kiwanis believes: 

    • Hazing is a form of bullying and should never be tolerated in any Kiwanis-sponsored program. 
    • Hazing or bullying, if discovered, should be confronted. All current Kiwanis policies and appropriate state laws will be observed. 

Through service, students learn about the impact they can make on their communities by giving, caring and sharing. Kiwanis family youth become leaders who help create a safe, bully-free environment. Bully prevention also promotes Kiwanis family values: serving the people around us, building better communities for ourselves and future generations, and showing others the importance of the Golden Rule. 

Join Kiwanis in the fight to end bullying.