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A young boy enjoys a fun day of movies, games and food, provided by Panama Kiwanis clubs.

Panama's membership mentor

Story by Brett A. Halbleib
Photos by Jose Antonio Gil Arias/Archivolatino

When Eda Medina de Wong discovers a struggling Kiwanis club in Central America, she does what comes naturally: She nurses it back to health.

Medina de Wong is a nurse by training, though today her career involves overseeing research for Panama’s federal government. But Medina de Wong’s nurturing nature still kicks in when a club is in critical condition.
Medina de Wong is a member of the Metropolitan, Panamá City, Panama, Kiwanis Club and a past governor of Kiwanis’ Andean and Central America District. She mentors clubs that are struggling with leadership, membership or service.
“I’m convinced clubs go through many stages in their growth process, and they need help to achieve the proper level of success,” she says. “They need training and support from members with experience.”
She’s currently working with two clubs—La Chorerra and San Jose—after already helping put three others back on their feet. One of these was down to one member.

Read or download the April/May 2014 issue of Kiwanis magazine to learn how Medina de Wong is reviving Kiwanis clubs in Panama.

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