Background checks for Kiwanis advisors

*The background check policy will be changing October 1, 2016. Please visit for more information.*

The security of the members of Kiwanis' Service Leadership Programs is paramount. For that reason, each Kiwanis-club advisor to each SLP club must have a clear criminal history background check. Here is some information about the process.

Getting a background check

A Kiwanis club is able to select any provider to administer the background checks. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Obtain an individual's background check through Safe Hiring Solutions. That cost begins at US$19.95, but could include additional fees based on where the applicant resides or has resided in the past.
  • Check with the school or organization that hosts the Service Leadership club, program or activity. The cost will be determined by that school or organization. Some offer background checks for free.
  • Connect with your local government office, police station or other vendors/providers of background checks.


On the secretary dashboard in the KiwanisOne club reporting system, the Kiwanis club secretary will select who is serving as Kiwanis advisor to each sponsored SLP and indicate if a clear background check has been received. Kiwanis International’s criteria outlined in Kiwanis procedures should be used to determine if the background check is considered ‘clear’.

Refer to Kiwanis International Procedure 197 for a list of convictions that cause ineligibility.


A Kiwanis club can establish its own policies on frequency of renewal of background checks. However, a background check for a Kiwanis advisor should be valid for no more than 10 years.


Before your Kiwanis club implements background checks, Kiwanis International recommends developing a club policy. In fact, we offer tips on developing a policy, as well as a sample club policy.

If you have more questions about background check requirements or the Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines, find resources at