Looking for new ways to recruit members? Check out these tips! 

By Erin Chandler

Building club membership increases your club’s community connections and ability to serve those in need — but it also requires constant effort. If your club is struggling to bring in new members, consider the following five ways to take recruitment to the next level.  

  1. Host an open house. Whether in person, virtually or both, an open house will showcase Kiwanis and your club to the community and give you an opportunity to invite potential members to join. Provide an overview of how your club creates a positive impact in your community. Consider preparing a presentation that includes photos and past news coverage. For more ideas, check out the “Hosting an open house” resource in the Achieving Club Excellence toolkit.  
  2. Host a guest session after meetings and events. Every club event is an opportunity to get to know potential new members. After an event or meeting with guests in attendance, host a 15-minute session for guests to ask questions about your club and Kiwanis. This also provides an opportunity to thank the guests for attending and invite them to the next club event. 
  3. Improve your club’s online presence. You can expand your reach to far more people when you take advantage of social media. Elect or assign a club member to regularly update your club’s presence on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X (formerly known as Twitter). Post photos and video snippets of service projects, fundraising events and club meetings, as well as testimonials from service recipients, educators, public officials and business leaders. Make sure you link to an online membership application to make joining Kiwanis easy! You can find social media resources at kiwanis.org/brand
  4. Network with local businesses. Take time to recognize companies and organizations that believe in your club’s mission and support you throughout the year. Send thank-you notes to those who have partnered with you in events — and include an invitation to attend your next meeting, where they can learn more about becoming a Kiwanis member or sponsoring a corporate membership. 
  5. Sign up for local events. Many communities publish event calendars that include festivals, farmers markets, fairs and more — and often these events provide opportunities for local organizations to have a booth and/or volunteer. This is a great way to serve your community and get the Kiwanis name in front of your neighbors and friends. Contact local organizers to see if your club can be involved. 

As you spread the word about Kiwanis in your community, remember that building your club’s membership is not just about recruitment — it’s about retention. Include social and bonding activities in your club’s schedule to ensure that members feel seen and appreciated. And make time to celebrate your club members’ contributions and accomplishments throughout the year!