Kiwanis International’s webpage for club opening resources has some important additions for your team. 

By Tony Knoderer

If you’re on a club opening team, make sure to stay up to date with Kiwanis International’s club opening web page. We recently added some important documents that you can download to help your growth efforts. You’ll find these new resources: 

  • Club opening checklist. A structured list of action items to help prepare members and district leaders for a club opening event. 
  • Club opening kit contents. A handy, one-page list that shows items that engage and inform potential members of a new club. 
  • New club coach checklist. A concise but comprehensive resource that guides coaches through the steps of helping a club open and grow during its first 90 days.  

Of course, you’ll find many other resources on the webpage — from preparation and opening to individual roles and much more. Check it out and keep checking in!