Here are five tips for preventing people from simply scrolling past your posts.

By Tony Knoderer

If you’ve ever spent time scrolling on social media, you might have noticed that you stop when you’re convinced to stop. Something catches your eye.  

For your Kiwanis club’s social media accounts, the key is getting — and then keeping — people’s attention. Of course, your club has a dual audience: the current members you want to keep engaged and potential members (pretty much everyone else) for whom your account is a club showcase. 

Here are five ways to get more people to stop scrolling when they see your club’s posts: 

  • Use videos and photos. And make them engaging! For example, focus on the kids your club is serving, not checks or items you’re donating.  
  • Write concisely. Narrow your focus to what matters. Posts between 100-140 characters get more attention, and people like and share what’s inspirational, entertaining or useful.  
  • Make it understandable. Avoid confusing people with terms like SLP or ICON — stuff that non-Kiwanians (and some Kiwanians) aren’t familiar with — or with typos or broken links. Proofread! 
  • Have a clear call to action. What do you want the user to do after seeing your post? Tell them, and they’re more likely to do it.  
  • Post consistently. A steady stream of activity makes it clear that your club is active and impactful.  

If you want more details about these tips — and a few more tips to boot — check out our Facebook 101 flyer. And don’t forget the social media assets we make available online, free of charge. These downloadable assets are a great resource for clubs and districts that want to add fun and color to their posts!