If someone needs extra persuasion to join your Kiwanis club, check out these four responses to common objections.

By Tony Knoderer

Sometimes the person you’re trying to recruit for your Kiwanis club has an objection, or just a hesitation. Some of these roadblocks are actually pretty common. Here are a few that many Kiwanians have heard — and responses that have helped overcome them.  

  • “I’m just too busy.” Explain that most Kiwanians have additional priorities and responsibilities. In fact, that’s a strength. Busy people prioritize what matters to them. Also explain that clubs decide how often they meet, and members decide how active they will be. 
  • “It costs too much.” Whatever appeals to someone about Kiwanis, member dues are what make it happen. Let them know that dues allow Kiwanis International to pay for leadership education for members, club membership resources, club growth support, Kiwanis youth programs and much more.  
  • “It’s hard to join.” Actually, they only need to complete an application and pay a prorated dues amount, depending on the month they join. 
  • “I’m part of another organization.” Ask them to consider what Kiwanis offers — and whether it could complement their existing affiliation. Either way, thank them for serving the community and ask whether they know anyone who might be interested in Kiwanis. 

Whatever the response to your recruiting efforts, don’t forget to mention that a Kiwanis club is also a place to network with community leaders — and that membership helps develop leadership skills that improve careers, communities and relationships.