Starting a new event? Refreshing a current one? Here’s some advice for making it work.

By Tony Knoderer 

Kiwanis clubs often find that it takes money to serve kids as effectively as possible. A fundraiser can help. Whether you’re launching a new one or updating the one you have, these fundamentals can help make it a success: 

  • Have fun! Ultimately, Kiwanis is about kids — so keep your event playful. And if the members themselves don’t embrace every aspect of the event, from planning to cleanup, it might not be the right one.  
  • Make it sustainable. As a club, answer these questions: Do we have the time and ability to make this event successful? Does it have growth potential? Are we making the best use of our resources and relationships? 
  • Promote your cause and your club. Your event may be the public’s first opportunity to learn about the cause that the proceeds benefit. Same for your club and Kiwanis. Make sure every attendee understands what they’re supporting — and that your club is helping them support it.  
  • Highlight your community’s culture. Build on what makes your community special. Is your city proud of its brewery scene? Consider a beer-tasting event. Is high school football a big deal? Incorporate the team or a football theme. These five Kiwanis fundraisers have become community staples.    
  • Follow up. People who attend your fundraiser may be interested in becoming members or partnering with your club. Don’t waste the opportunity by waiting for them to get in touch. Reach out! 

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