If you’re struggling to find prospective members, reach out to these groups in your community

By Erin Chandler

You’ve recruited family, friends and coworkers to join the Kiwanis family — but your Kiwanis club is always looking for new members to serve the children of the world! Here are five ideas to jumpstart your club’s recruitment efforts outside of your immediate circle. 

  1. Partner organizations. Think about companies and organizations that believe in your club’s mission and support you throughout the year. Get in touch with their leaders and ask if they would be interested in taking your partnership to the next level by sponsoring a corporate membership in your club — or if they would be interested in joining themselves. 
  1. Diverse groups and businesses. Diversity is key to a successful club — it is important to seek a diverse membership to offer a wide range of ideas for how to serve and enrich your club’s impact. Research various business groups and nonprofits — including minority-owned businesses and organizations — that represent the demographics of your community. Seek opportunities to speak during one of their membership or board meetings to promote your club’s contributions to the community. Invite them to speak during one of your upcoming club meetings as well. You can find Diversity, Equity and Inclusion resources on the Kiwanis members page. 
  1. New businesses and nonprofits. Scan local business articles and think about inviting owners of recently opened businesses and new nonprofit executives to attend a club meeting. Allow them to make a two-minute plug for their business, and make sure you provide them with Kiwanis membership information. 
  1. Retired teachers. Invite local teachers who have recently retired to a Kiwanis meeting or service project. These individuals have spent their lives working with kids and might be looking for a new way to continue mentoring young people. 
  1. Former members. Sometimes Kiwanians leave clubs when they are not fully engaged in activities, when life circumstances do not allow time for Kiwanis — or when no one attempts to reinvolve them. However, circumstances can change over time. You can “ReMember” a former member by inviting them to attend a meeting or event and following up with any concerns they might have about the club. Remind them that kids still need Kiwanis in your community and ask them to rejoin.