The answers to a few questions can help create a positive experience for current and potential members.

By Tony Knoderer

For any Kiwanis club, retaining current members and appealing to potential members involve certain key elements. But for each group, one of the most important is accessibility.  

How easy is it for people to attend your club’s meetings and events, or even to find the information they need? Here are a few questions to consider:   

  • Do you meet in a location that’s convenient for everyone — whether physically, geographically or in other ways? If not, make adjustments when possible or consider an alternate venue. 
  • Does your club meet at a convenient time for everyone? If not, consider alternating or changing meeting times. In addition, alternative meeting options — such as a virtual option or satellite membership — can allow all members to participate.  
  • Can members easily find meeting minutes if they are unable to attend?  
  • Do your meetings and service projects accommodate members’ family commitments, career constraints or religious practices?  
  • Does your meeting include a meal? The cost and/or time required may deter a potential new member. Consider making the meal optional.  
  • Can a potential member find current information about the club on a website or social media page?  
  • Are potential members included in club service projects? How is this advertised? 

If you want more tips and information about inclusiveness, we have a webpage with links to resources — including the “3 ways to make your club more inclusive” flyer, which features the above tips and much more.