A virtual, single-focus club in the U.S. mixes members’ sports fandom with service to children.

By Tony Knoderer

When it comes to opening new Kiwanis clubs, many members find success by bringing together people who share a specific interest. They’re called single-focus clubs — and the focus can be on just about anything that creates a sense of fellowship.  

In the U.S., for example, Kiwanis Club of The East Coast was designed for members to meet virtually for a fantasy football league. (That’s American football.) Members also donate US$100 quarterly to support service projects, which have included a water project in Africa, service animals and sheltering single moms and their children. 

In its first year, the club also formed a charitable foundation. Fundraising is based on member donations but has extended its reach with GoFundMe pages on behalf of its charities.

Members do reach beyond sports and occasionally gather in person. In fact, the club has provided birthday parties for children who have cancer and are in the hospital on their big day. 

Kiwanis Club of The East Coast is a reminder that the “classic” club format is just one option. Learn more about club types on our website. And see how your own club can “think outside the meeting box.”