In addition to service, the Kiwanis experience includes several ways for members to be leaders and learners.

By Tony Knoderer

Kiwanis creates leaders. In fact, the Kiwanis experience provides members with multiple opportunities to develop leadership skills while changing children’s lives. Here are a few to look for: 

  • Leadership development training. Kiwanis offers virtual Club Leadership Education (CLE) for presidents, secretaries, treasurers and membership committee chairs — whether they’re new to their roles or want to refresh their knowledge. And all Kiwanians are welcome to participate each year in Kiwanis Amplify, a program that amplifies your leadership skills in your club, career and community. 
  • Project leadership. Many of the best Kiwanis clubs are known for their service projects. And those projects give you opportunities to step into leadership roles — which help you develop leadership skills while you contribute to your community. 
  • Mentorship. Many longtime Kiwanians say they stayed with their clubs in their early days because someone took the time to make them feel welcome and help them navigate their service journey. Be that mentor for a fellow member — especially someone who recently joined your club. 

As you seek out opportunities for leadership, don’t forget our tips for honing your leadership skills, with advice from a couple of experts: Kiwanis International Executive Director Paul Palozzolo and the recently retired executive director, Stan Soderstrom.