For club presidents and anybody who aspires to be one, here are some ways to keep members coming back.

By Julie Saetre

From members who have been with your Kiwanis club for years to those who have just joined, everyone wants to feel appreciated — and part of something special. Here are a few important ways to make it happen. 

Listen to your members
Conduct a member satisfaction survey to find out what matters to your club, then schedule a retreat with club leaders to review the results. Identify current club elements to maintain and develop, other efforts that should be changed or dropped, and new ideas you should consider implementing. 

Take advantage of available resources
Your Kiwanis district and Kiwanis International are ready to help you. Contact your district office to get advice from the district membership team. In the meantime, the Kiwanis International website offers valuable resources, such as the club president leadership guide and Kiwanis Club President 101 and 202 training videos. 

Also, attend the Kiwanis International convention and your district’s annual conventions. You’ll find a wealth of workshops and events that offer information from subject experts and fellow Kiwanians. The 2024 Kiwanis International Convention even includes a Club Leader Academy. 

Value your members
Make club meetings meaningful: Always have an agenda and respect your members’ time by sticking to the schedule. Also meet monthly with your club board to evaluate progress toward club goals. Include some fun events in your annual schedule to reward members for their hard work and give them the opportunity to foster friendships and connections. Use every possible opportunity to recognize club members and honor their efforts. 

And don’t forget the importance of new members. Make sure they get a meaningful induction and new-member orientation. Guide your officers and members in making new Kiwanians feel welcome, needed and appreciated. 

Strengthen your club
The more club members you have, the more children you can help. Conduct at least one concentrated membership drive campaign during the year. The Kiwanis Two For Two membership growth tool is a great place to start. Kiwanis International also has a club toolbox detailing how to create a membership plan, find a club coach and hold a club boost.