How to use the Club Excellence Tool

The Club Excellence Tool engages your own club members in a thorough evaluation of your club’s performance. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s free. And it will help you keep your club healthy, active and strong.

This self-evaluation tool is designed to help monitor the health of your Kiwanis club. Based upon the responses of your club members, the club can identify strengths to build on and opportunities for improvement.

This 25-question tool allows members to evaluate their club experience in seven different categories:

  1. Meeting. Evaluate the atmosphere of the meeting, quality of the program, location, prices, participation and traditions.
  2. Community service. Is the service significant and does it give high visibility in the community? Does the club sponsor one of the Service Leadership Programs?
  3. Fellowship. Monitor social activities and communication methods to keep the members connected.
  4. Fundraising. Is it significant enough to meet the expenses related to club service projects and provide community recognition?
  5. Leadership. Examine the succession planning, board and committees of the club.
  6. Membership growth and retention. Does the club’s membership increase over time? Does it reflect the diversity in the community?
  7. Strategic planning. Is a solid strategy driving the activities of the club? Is the plan measurable?