New Kiwanis club in Pakistan completes water project 

New Kiwanis club in Pakistan completes water project 

In its first year, the club has changed the lives of hundreds through access to clean water.

By Tony Knoderer

In its first year of existence, the Kiwanis Club of Pakistan has already made a major impact. The club recently completed a water project in a village in Sindh — transforming the lives of local residents, who previously traveled up to 20 kilometers (about 12.43 miles) for access to clean water.

“We have been able to provide a sustainable water source within the village,” says Peter Johnson, club president. “This project not only alleviates the daily struggles of the villagers but also brings newfound hope and happiness to their lives.” 

Johnson answered a few questions via email regarding the club and the project.  

Your club is new — did it start so you could do this project?
Our club was not specifically started for this project. However, the need for clean water in the Sindh village became one of our primary initiatives after hearing about the villagers’ plight. The dedication of our members and their desire to make a tangible difference inspired us to take on this vital project. 

What inspired your members to form a club?
The Kiwanis Club of Pakistan was formed by a group of individuals who share a common vision of serving communities and improving lives. Our members are driven by a passion for humanitarian work and the belief that collective efforts can bring about meaningful change. 

How did you learn about the need for your project?
Our club became aware of the need for clean water in this village through our outreach programs and interactions with the local community. The villagers expressed their struggles and the immense challenge of traveling long distances to access water, which highlighted the urgent need for this project. 

How did you work with the village to provide the water?
We collaborated closely with the village leaders and residents to understand their specific needs and the best locations for the water pumps. This cooperation ensured that the installation process was smooth and that the water sources were accessible to all villagers. 

Do you know how many people this project helps?
The installation of the water pumps has significantly impacted the entire village. Hundreds of residents, including children and the elderly, now have access to clean drinking water, which is crucial for their health and well-being.

“The joy and gratitude of the villagers,” Johnson adds, “is a testament to the power of community and collective effort. We believe that this success story can serve as a model for similar initiatives in other parts of the world. We are eager to share our experience and collaborate with global leaders and organizations to address such fundamental needs.” 

New Kiwanis club in Africa brings fresh hope to kids 

New Kiwanis club in Africa brings fresh hope to kids 

The Kiwanis Club of Goma has already helped with school supplies and psychological support for kids dealing with trauma.

By Julie Saetre
Submitted by the Kiwanis Club of Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa 

In the city of Goma, nestled in the south of North Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, stories of war, conflict and volcanic eruptions have become an omnipresent backdrop in the lives of its residents. It is in this challenging context, where hope sometimes seems a rare commodity, that Paluku Mathe Patrick decided to sow the seeds of a better future.

Deeply rooted in his community, Paluku had witnessed the immense challenges Goma faced. Since his childhood, he had seen his city ravaged by armed conflicts and families displaced by the eruptions of Nyiragongo. Most important, he had seen the most vulnerable — children — pay the heaviest price. They were often deprived of their fundamental rights, their education, their safety and their innocence.

Something had to be done, he decided, to transform his frustration into action and his despair into hope. This is how he learned about Kiwanis International, which offered an opportunity and a light at the end of the tunnel. After researching Kiwanis and contacting members of the organization, he realized that it could be the ideal platform for change. So Paluku began the process of chartering a Kiwanis club in Goma.

It wasn’t simple. It required convincing skeptics, overcoming bureaucratic obstacles and mobilizing limited resources. But, determined, Paluku gathered a group of like-minded individuals ready to invest their time, skills and energy in the cause of serving children.

In February 2024, the Kiwanis Club of Goma was officially chartered, driven by a collective dream of protection and support for the community’s youngest. The club’s first projects were modest but significant: distribution of school supplies, organization of recreational days and implementation of psychological support programs for children traumatized by violence and natural disasters.

“The children of Goma are beginning to smile and dream again,” Paluku says. “Parents see hope reborn, and the community has begun to rebuild around a shared vision of solidarity and resilience.

“The Kiwanis Club of Goma is a beacon of hope in a region often plunged into darkness. It reminds everyone that, even in the darkest moments, there is always a possible light if we choose to ignite it.” 

2024 Signature Project Contest winners 

2024 Signature Project Contest winners 

Out of a record 526 entries from 33 countries, this year’s six winning projects brought communities together. 

By Erin Chandler

Kiwanis clubs around the world brought their communities together over the past year through creative and impactful service, fundraisers and events. On July 4 at the 2024 Kiwanis International Convention in Denver, Colorado, U.S., Kiwanians gathered to celebrate the best of Kiwanis clubs’ signature projects. 

Out of a record number of 526 contest entries from 33 countries, this year’s six winning projects were notable for bringing joy to kids and families while giving them reasons to unite in support and celebration. Through coordinated events and long-term programs, these clubs promoted the Kiwanis causes — health and nutrition, education and literacy, and youth leadership development — in fun and innovative ways.

For contest details, visit the Signature Project Contest webpage.

Group One (clubs with 27 or fewer members)


Kiwanis Club of Randolph Township – New Jersey District
Randolph Kiwanis Freedom Festival & Parade 

Each year on July 4, thousands of people line the streets in New Jersey for the Kiwanis Club of Randolph Township’s parade celebrating the United States’ Independence Day. But that’s not all — parade-goers can enjoy fireworks, carnival rides, games, a beer garden and family entertainment at the Freedom Festival on the County College of Morris campus. Local groups and organizations participate in the parade and host booths at the festival. The event brings the whole community together to honor veterans’ service and celebrate the country’s independence.   


Kiwanis Club of Kalayaan, Quezon City – Philippine Luzon District
Kiwanis Special Games 2024 

Inspired by the Philippine Luzon District’s part in organizing a nationwide Special Olympics in the Philippines, the Kiwanis Club of Kalayaan decided to host its own games for athletes with intellectual disabilities. For 38 years, the numbers of participating schools and sponsors have increased. Schools even provide uniforms for their athletes. Kiwanians from Kalayaan and other clubs serve as referees and coordinators. At the most recent special games, over 1,000 athletes had the chance to compete and excel, winning medals while gaining confidence and self-esteem.  


Kiwanis Club of South Eleuthera – Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District
No Child Without Christmas 

Eleuthera is an island in the Bahamas with a population of just over 9,000 people — many of whom live without running water, bedding or enough food. For the past 50 years, the Kiwanis Club of South Eleuthera has helped the island’s children experience holiday magic. In 2023, club members spent months marketing and raising funds for the island’s largest toy drive, even going door-to-door to help spread the word. They then traveled to Florida to purchase 1,500 gifts — including toys, bikes, iPads and bedding. The presents were loaded into a truck the club called its “sleigh,” and 20 volunteers embarked on “Santa’s Road Trip,” hand-delivering cheer, hope and a sense of community to over 50% of South Eleuthera’s young people across all 11 settlements. 

Group Two (clubs with 28 or more members) 


Kiwanis Club of Providence-Montego Bay – Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District
Breast Cancer Awareness 5K Run/Walk/Wheelchair 

For 14 years, the Kiwanis Club of Providence-Montego Bay has held its Breast Cancer Awareness 5K Run/Walk — and last year, the club added a wheelchair segment to allow Aktion Clubs and community members with disabilities to take part. The event doesn’t just raise awareness; it also raises funds for the Jamaica Cancer Society, the Oncology Ward of the Cornwall Regional Hospital, individuals in need of financial support for their cancer treatment and recovery, and other community projects. Kiwanians, community partners and over 200 Key Club and Circle K International members worked together to make a memorable event for over 2,500 attendees.


Kiwanis Club of Stuart – Florida District
Kiwanis Park at Woodlawn 

When members of the Kiwanis Club of Stuart built the first two playgrounds for Kiwanis Park at Woodlawn in 1990, they had no idea what a landmark the park would become for its community. Situated at the entrance to the city near a low-income neighborhood, several daycare centers and the Creek Arts District, the park opened the county’s first accessible playground in 2015 and its only sensory playground in 2021. Each of four playground areas has its own Little Free Library stocked by Kiwanians. Park-goers can also enjoy free Wi-Fi, a concession stand and donated art fixtures. Club events have become so popular that the park is now its main source of fundraising. In fact, most of the funds for the last round of park renovations came from the park itself.   


Kiwanis Club of Gig Harbor – Pacific Northwest District
Kiwanis Cares for Kids (KCK) 

The Kiwanis Club of Gig Harbor works closely with the 17 schools of the Peninsula School District on its Kiwanis Cares for Kids (KCK) program. What started as a project to provide new clothes and shoes for kids in need has grown into one that facilitates experiences that help kids grow. Throughout the year, the club continues to raise funds for clothes and shoes — but also for field trips, books, flexible classroom seating and extracurricular activities such as sports, music and camp. KCK enhances the self-esteem, education and life experiences of students from preschool through the post-high school transition program for adults with special needs.